Grace Point Church 

  A Place to Call Home 

C U R R E N T   S E R I E S

   Most of us have has times when we've felt insignificant, insufficient, and insecure.  Maybe you're experiencing that right now. Even if we want to believe God could, we struggle to believe that He would do something great through us.
   But God can, and does, do great things in small places and through humble people. That's what this Christmas series during the season of "Advent" (the coming of Christ) is about.  

As part of this Christmas Season, we hope you will  join us in person Dec. 12th at 10:15am to experience a special musical presenting titled, 

"Take Me Back to Bethlehem." 

Each year, as Christmas approaches, our hearts are somehow drawn again to Bethlehem. 

We long to relive the story — to see the shepherds on the hillside, to hear the angels in the heavens, to journey with the wise men, and more than anything, to worship the newborn King  

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