Grace Point Church 

  A Place to Call Home 

CALENDAR - Messages & Events 

                      - F E B R U A R Y -
                   T  H  E   S  T  O  R  Y
Join us on this exciting journey through the Bible. Discover how your story connects to God's story and all of HIStory. 
                    Sunday Mornings
           GRACE LiFE GROUPS at 9 AM
           Worship Service   at 10:15 AM

03 - T H E  S T O R Y - Super Sunday Launch
           Bible Personalities "Meet & Greet"

09 - Men & boys breakfast, 8:00 AM

10 -  T H E  S T O R Y begins

          "The Beginning of Life as We Know It"

17 -  T H E  S T O R Y 
          "God Builds a New Nation" 

24 -  T H E  S T O R Y

24 -  CHURCH 101 - The 1st part of 
         following the Morning Service
          Noon - 2:30pm - Lunch & Syllabus provided

GrowthTrack is designed to help you grow in your faith and make an eternal impact by: 
   1) understanding the mission, vision and values of Grace Point,
   2) developing the essentials that accelerate your spiritual growth and
   3) discovering how your unique personality and gift mix along with what you're passionate about can help you fulfill God's purpose, mission & vision for your life.