Grace Point Church 

  A Place to Call Home 



Our Purpose

There are major benefits in being connected with others for the purpose of spiritual growth. We encourage each other and sharpen our focus on what matters most in life. It also enables us to maintain a balance and sense of rhythm in life. Our "3L strategy" shows the practical approach to helping people reach their redemptive potential in Christ Jesus.

LEARN truth + LIVE transformed + LEAD today

Our People

Wouldn’t is be great to enjoy going to church. God has brought together an incredible church family at Grace Point. We are a growing church, where God is changing lives for the better. When you visit, you’ll find “A Place to Call Home.” You will discover that people are here because they want to be here. This has resulted in the friendly, warm, caring, family-friendly environment we enjoy.

Our Pastor
Our Senior Pastor is Doug Sikes. His passion to communicate God’s Word in a clear, practical, and effective way shows through in his dynamic and often humorous approach to presenting the truth of God’s Word. God has blessed He and his wife Laura with four outstanding children.

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